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- How do I get to irc? What is our channel?
- What is Ragnarok Online?
- Who are the Staff Members of CLOWNPHOBIA?
- How do I support CLOWNPHOBIA and their Ragnarok Online Servers? (Donating Information)
- What commands work in CLOWNPHOBIA's IRC channel?
- How do I get text under my avatar on the forum?
- How do I post pictures?
- How to keep your account secure
- Who can reverse my warnings?

Lightside//Legend Ragnarok (LLRO)

- What is the WoE Schedule?
- When are events on Legend Ragnarok Online?
- How does the Donor Reward System work?
- I lost my items when the server froze!
- I found someone breaking the rules!
- What are Rates?
- The server is down, what should I do?
- Help! My character is stuck in jail!
- What are the rules for Lightside//Legend Ragnarok?
- How do you get married in Lightside//Legend Ragnarok?
- Are Gunslingers or Ninjas implemented?
- What is a Global Broadcast?
- Where do I find [insert item/monster/NPC name here]?
- I saw someone who could change their sprite into that of a monster, but they weren't a GM!
- I have an idea/suggestion!
- Which skills do I need to unlock [other skill name here]?
- What are some useful links?
- I'm missing skill points!
- What are the MVP Rules?
- When do I contact GMs?
- I was just suddenly frozen / recalled out of no where...
- Help! My account got hacked, and I'm missing my items and zeny!

Lightside Online (LO)

- I don't get it! What is Lightside Online? Is it a new RO Server?

Client Installation / Registration

- How do I register for the game?
- What are the requirements my computer needs in order to play Lightside//Legend Ragnarok?
- How do I download and install the game?
- Cannot Init D3d Or Grf File Has Problem? Help!
- Bittorrent FAQ



How do I get to irc? What is our channel?(Back to Top)

From the main page, there is a link under Community. In order to connect to the channel, you need some type of irc client. A link to one can be found here (www.mirc.com), however you are welcome to use another irc client if it suits you better to do so. Also upon entering the irc channel, it is encouraged that you register your name so that no one else may use that name without the correct password.

Main clownphobia irc channel: #clownphobia

What is Ragnarok Online?(Back to Top)

Ragnarok Online is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that features a fantastic world loosely based upon Norse Mythology where players battle monsters, form guilds, and interact with each other. Ragnarok offers a massive amount of different player classes, each with their own unique skills and style of gameplay. The characters are rendered in unique anime-styled 2D sprites while many of the landscapes are rendered in 3D graphics, a delightful blend. Players have the opportunity to make themselves look unique with headgears, fight battles with monsters, and even form a guild in order to compete in large-scaled Player Versus Player battles.
Take up a sword, bow, staff, mace, axe, or dagger. The world of Rune-Midgard lies ahead!

Who are the Staff Members of CLOWNPHOBIA?(Back to Top)

Check our Staff list here.

How do I support CLOWNPHOBIA and their Ragnarok Online Servers? (Donating Information)(Back to Top)

All donors get a special group ID added to them, they can enter past the limit on the test server if and when we have it up. Also you get a cool name under your avatar, and it will say you are a donor.

High level donations are those with donations of $100+. It will get you advertisements on our site for your site, or business, we will help out those who help us out.

The forums seem to come with a payment package built in for Paypal, we will add monthly subscriptions for people that choose it, so they can automatically set the amount donated here in the forums, money donated directly to Paypal will not be accounted for, and people that donate through the forums will also get their items faster.

WARNING: This does not guarantee ANYONE from being banned. Follow rules, and things will be fine.

If you want to donate by Paypal, click on this link.

What commands work in CLOWNPHOBIA's IRC channel?(Back to Top)

/nick [desiredname] This will change your IRC display-name to the name you enter as [desiredname]. For example, "/nick Quailione" would change my Displayed Name to Quailione. You may have a nickname of up to thirty characters. Spaces do not work in your nickname.
/ignore [nickname] This will cause IRC to not display messages from the desired Display Name.
/ignore -r [nickname] This will remove the desired nickname from your display list.
/me [text] This will display a message in this syntax: [Your Display-name] [Text]: in purple-ink. For example, "/me is going to go kill Eddga." would appear as "Quailione is going to go kill Eddga."
/quit [reason] This will make you quit the server, and display a reason. Note: On Chatzilla, this will make you quit the program.
/whois [nickname] This will display information on the given person in your main IRC window. (Should say something like "Your Nickname" on DaNET."
/ctcp [nick] VERSION This will display the version of IRC that the given person is running in your main IRC window.
/ctcp [nick] PING This will ping the chosen nick and reply with a response time.
/ctcp [nick] TIME This will get the current time on the computer of the selected nick.
/join [#channel] This joins a channel.

How do I get text under my avatar on the forum?(Back to Top)

There are two ways to do this.
The first, and easiest way, is to donate. You'll be helping the server out, getting cool items, and you'll get a spiffy title under your name. Donors are allowed to add one line of text under their avatar.
The other, and harder way, is to reach 500 posts on the forums.
After you've done either of these, go to "My Controls" from any http://forums.legendro.net page, go to "Edit Profile Information", and type in your desired title under "Custom Member Title". Voila! Spiffy text!

How do I post pictures?(Back to Top)

You first need to host your screenshot on a site. I use Image Shack.

After that ...
- make a post in the correct screenshot forum,
- press the "IMG" tab located with all those buttons Ie. B, I, U, etc.,
- insert your copied URL there,
- then just add your post.

That's it. Simple as that.

Thanks to Zero.X.

How to keep your account secure(Back to Top)

1. Do not tell anyone your password.
2. Do NOT tell ANYONE your password. Also note that GMs will NEVER ask you for your password.
3. Install Spybot Search & Destroy. Keep it up to date and scan weekly.
4. Install Norton Antivirus or a similar antivirus, leave Auto Protect on its highest setting. Keep it up to date and scan weekly.
5. Do NOT use Internet Explorer, its security is weak. Use Firefox, Mozilla, or Opera.
6. Do NOT assume files from friends are secure, your friend may have an infected computer.

Thanks to Jill Bill:
If you see something wrong, take a screenshot of it. It could be someone saying they're a hacker, or your sex changed, or something that just isn't right at all. Even if you think it's a bug of some kind, take a screenshot. It will help the GMs find out what might be wrong.
Always watch out for scams. Always check to see if the item is slotted before you buy it, and check the names of the items as well. Some things have alike pictures, such as Angel Wings/Fake Angel Wings, or Heaven's Ring, Fake Halo. If someone claims they are having a lottery, or they can get you a GM-only item, report them. Take a screenshot and walk away.
Be careful of who you insult. This might seem like a dumb thing to put up on here, but if you offend the wrong people, you might end up with a lost account, or lost items. If someone is insulting you or harassing you, ignore them or type /ex *whatever their name is*. If it continues, take screenshots and report them. Saying something back to them would only anger them even more.

Who can reverse my warnings?(Back to Top)

To have your warnings reversed, you must wait until an Admin decides that you merit having your warning reversed. (Note: Nurinofushigi can also reverse warnings.)

Lightside//Legend Ragnarok (LLRO)

What is the WoE Schedule?(Back to Top)

Tuesday 6:00 - 7:30 PM Server Time
Saturday 1:00 - 2:30 PM Server Time

When are events on Legend Ragnarok Online?(Back to Top)

If a major event is planned for Legend, you are usually able to find it on the forums. Events on Legend do not occur often only because the GMs like to keep the economy healthy and make the game challenging. However, events that have occured in the past include "Last Man Standing", "The Non-Player Coordinate Event" (AKA NPC Event), and some other random, happy-go-lucky events that the GMs thought of. If you have an idea for an event, please post it in the "Suggestions" part of the forums under the Legend section.

How does the Donor Reward System work?(Back to Top)

For each US Dollar you donate, you will be awarded 1 donor point called DP from here on. You can exchange your DP for items in the southwest building on Prontera Square (marked in blue on the map).

Check this page for more information.

I lost my items when the server froze!(Back to Top)

When you lose an item due to server error, we cannot replace it. You can avoid losing items by logging off if the server appears to be acting abnormally. (Such as slowing down ["lagging"]) Also, be careful to close your Kafra Storage before logging off.

I found someone breaking the rules!(Back to Top)

When finding someone breaking the rules (read "Legend Rules and Code of Conduct") you must immediately take pictures, or screenshots of that character doing something wrong. (You can take screenshots by pushing the "Prnt Scrn" key located on your keyboard. They will be saved to your Lightside-Legend Ragnarok Online folder.) If you suspect botting, talk to them, PM them, and request a deal with them. Take screenshots of them during all your 'bot tests'. All rule reports should be filed under "Loser Reports" on the CLOWNPHOBIA[dot]COM forums.

What are Rates?(Back to Top)

Rates are simply the rate of which you gain experience or the items drop.
The rates are:
13 x Base Experience
13 x Job Experience
07 x Normal Drops Rate (E.G. apple dropping at 10% is now 70%)
05 x Cards, Equipment, and MVP drops.

The server is down, what should I do?(Back to Top)

Well first let's go over the things that you should not do. You should not post on the forums about the server being down. You should not go on the irc channel and ask if the server is down. Only Administrators have the ability to get the server back up. As for what you should do, well that is up to you as long as you are not doing any of the above things.

Help! My character is stuck in jail!(Back to Top)

A character is sent to jail (along with all other characters on the same account) because they were found to be breaking a rule. There is absolutely no way to get out of the jail except for a GM releasing you. The GM that put you in the jail will get you out when they feel that you have learned a lesson. If you have been put in jail before, be careful otherwise next time you could receive a ban. You can see why you were jailed when you log into the game. A message will appear and tell you the reason.

What are the rules for Lightside//Legend Ragnarok?(Back to Top)

You can find our rules here.

How do you get married in Lightside//Legend Ragnarok?(Back to Top)

If you would like to get married on Legend, you may do so in a couple of ways. You need to decide the fashion on how you wish to get married: do you wish to have the wedding open to the public, or private? If you wish to have the wedding public, it is recommended that you contact a GM so that they can do a global broadcast to let people know about the ceremony. The appropriate attire must be worn at the wedding, and you must have a priest to carry out the ceremony. GM weddings require 2,000,000 zeny and 2 diamond rings.
Post your marriage request here.

Are Gunslingers or Ninjas implemented?(Back to Top)


What is a Global Broadcast?(Back to Top)

When you see a message that is at the top of your RO screen during game play in a yellow or blue color, that is a global broadcast. Only GMs have this command, and obviously since it is global, everyone playing the game during the time of the broadcast see the message. When a broadcast is sent, it is important for you to listen to what the GM has to say.

Where do I find [insert item/monster/NPC name here]?(Back to Top)

Please do not post a topic with this question unless you've checked a couple of sources for the answer to your question. To find information about items, monsters and NPCs, you can use:
- the in-game commands @iteminfo/@ii, @whodrops and @mobinfo/@mi,
- our Item Database and Monster Database,
- our forum's search form,
- RO Empire's database or other websites/databases.

I saw someone who could change their sprite into that of a monster, but they weren't a GM!(Back to Top)

Periodically, there are art contests held on CLOWNPHOBIA[dot]COM. The first place prize for winning is usually @disguise and 30 Donation Points. @disguise lets the player change their sprite into any Monster or NPC's sprite. It's rather fun, so all you budding artists, get out there and show your stuff!
There is also one other way for players to change their sprites into monsters: Halloween. A few days before and after this holiday we let players take advantage of @costume which allows you to disguise as a monster from a set of approved sprites.

I have an idea/suggestion!(Back to Top)

If you have an idea to benefit the server, you can post it in the Suggestions section on the forums. However, please read what NOT to suggest in the pinned topic.

Which skills do I need to unlock [other skill name here]?(Back to Top)

Check the following skill trees to see what you need:

Guild Skills
Super Novice
Soul Linker // Star Knight

FIRST CLASS: Swordsman // Mage // Archer // Merchant // Thief // Acolyte

2-1 CLASS: Knight // Wizard // Hunter // Blacksmith // Assassin // Priest

2-2 CLASS: Crusader // Sage // Bard // Alchemist // Rogue // Monk

ADV. 2-1 CLASS: Lord Knight // High Wizard // Sniper // Whitesmith // Assassin Cross // High Priest

ADV. 2-2 CLASS: Paladin // Professor // Clown // Gypsy // Creator // Stalker // Champion

Thanks to Shina and Samsung.

What are some useful links?(Back to Top)

Merchant Guild
RO Empire

Character Simulator
Ragnarokcs (Another character simulator.)
Skill Simulator (Includes Adv. Classes.)
Status Calculator (Doesn't have Adv. Classes.)
Adv. Class Status Calculator
Doddler's Status Calculator (Includes Adv. Classes.)
Forge Calculator

GameFAQ's FAQs
Upgrading Table

Thanks to Ben, canadian0804, Malcheior Sveth and Schwartz.

I'm missing skill points!(Back to Top)

Please refer to this topic.

What are the MVP Rules?(Back to Top)


This means that anything goes. You may do anything to the MVP, including attacking it, healing it, buffing it, and casting protective skills on it. Other normal rules still apply. (No harassment or flaming.)

When do I contact GMs?(Back to Top)

For a guide on when to Contact GMs, click here.

I was just suddenly frozen / recalled out of no where...(Back to Top)

If you were frozen in the middle of no where and possibly recalled to a location, a Game Master needed your attention for a specific matter. You may have been subjected to a rule bypass, or they just need to talk to you in a timely fashion. During this occurance, it is EXTREMELY important that you answer the Game Master when they are talking to you, so that things get accomplished more efficiently.

Help! My account got hacked, and I'm missing my items and zeny!(Back to Top)

If you are hacked, you may contact Ahima or SamAnime either through PMs or through the forums. They will look into your case, and arrange for the items to be returned if they can locate the hacker. Please do not contact any other GM directly about any hacking cases, because they have been instructed not to do anything. Note : If you have more than 15 accounts tied to your IP address, your request will automatically be rejected.

Lightside Online (LO)

I don't get it! What is Lightside Online? Is it a new RO Server?(Back to Top)

Lightside Online is a completely new game, being created from scratch by the server owners of LLRO. It is not related to Ragnarok Online in any way. It is being written in C++, for OpenGL/Direct3d, and is being made with the game engine NeL, the graphics engine Ogre3d, and the audio engine OpenAL. It will be 3D, somewhat like the MMPORPG Lineage II.

Client Installation / Registration

How do I register for the game?(Back to Top)

To register for the game, simply register on the forums. Forum accounts are linked to game accounts, so if you make an account on the forums, it will appear in-game.

What are the requirements my computer needs in order to play Lightside//Legend Ragnarok? (Back to Top)

Minimum Requirements
OS: Windows ME/2000/XP
CPU: Pentium - 500 Mhz or equivalent
(Athlon CPU, Celeron)
RAM: 128 MB or higher
VIDEO: Video Card DirectX compatible video card with 8 MB video memory, DirectX 8.0 or higher
SOUND: Sound Card DirectX compatible sound card
DISK: Other 1 GB or higher Hard Drive space

Recommended Requirements
OS: Windows ME/2000/XP
CPU: Pentium - 700 MHz or higher
(Athlon CPU, Celeron)
RAM: 256 MB or higher
VIDEO: DirectX compatible video card with 32 MB video memory, Transform & Lighting, DirectX 8.0 or higher
SOUND: DirectX compatible sound card / 3D Surround Sound Support
DISK: 1 GB or higher free Hard Drive space

How do I download and install the game?(Back to Top)

You need the minimum requirements to download the game. You can either download from BitTorrent, Clownphobia FTP Sever, or from File Front. You can find the download links here. Once downloading is complete, double click the file and install the game. When installing is done, simply open the game, let it patch and play!

Cannot Init D3d Or Grf File Has Problem? Help!(Back to Top)

To fix, be sure to run the Setup program on your desktop. If you don't have that, please run the setup in your "C:\Program Files\Lightside - Legend Ragnarok" (default install location) and make sure the top 2 video options are filled in.

If they are not available, please make sure your system is up to specs with the system requirements on our download page.

If you are very sure you meet the requirements, please update your video card drivers, and make sure you have the latest DirectX.

Reinstalling the software is NOT needed, unless you are having problems simply installing the software.

DirectX9c: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/directx/default.aspx
Nvidia Video Drivers: http://www.nvidia.com/content/drivers/drivers.asp
ATI Video Drivers: http://ati.com/support/driver.html
Intel Video Drivers: http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scripts-df/support_intel.asp

Bittorrent FAQ(Back to Top)

So you want to download the Clownphobia Client via BitTorrent but it's giving you really crappy speed? Well there is something that you have to understand about BitTorrent, much like any P2P client it uses certain ports for peers to connect to you and for you to connect to them so you can download and upload files. If ports are not properly forwarded then BitTorrent won't be able to connect to your peers and your connection will be downright crappy. What do I do?

You must Port Forward your router first, to do so check this list of routers (click me). Look down for the model of your router, click on it, then look for the program that you wish to port forward (in this case the bittorrent client that you are using) and then follow the easy on screen instructions.

Note also that you might have to define a static IP with some routers so it might be a good idea giving this guide (click me) a look.

If there are any basic questions feel free to post them and let's see if anything can be solved but in case it's a more complex problem remember that you can just visit their forums (click me) for some tech support.

Thanks to Merkava.