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Sun, Feb. 19, 2012
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In order to play Lightside/Legend Ragnarok Online you must download our client. Before you invest time in downloading our client you should make sure that your computer matches our system requirements.

System Requirements

Required Windows Updates

Microsoft .NET 2.0 is required for installing the software, all our software will be upgrading to using .NET 2.0 and XNA in the following year.
Download .NET 2.0 Redist files.


Now if you meet the requirements, download the client!

Client Download

Common Errors

Connection Problems

Check your firewall and open the ports 21 and 80 to patch the game and ports 6900, 7000, 7001-7004, 7010-7011 5121, 7652, 6131, 7653, 7654, 6132 all with TCP protocol to play.

Also, if you are using Windows Vista and cannot patch the game, check this for the fix.

Cannot Init D3d Or Grf File Has Problem

To fix, be sure to run the Setup program on your desktop. If you dont have that, please run the setup in your "C:\Program Files\Lightside - Legend Ragnarok"(default install location) and make sure the top 2 video options are filled in. If they are not available, please make sure your system is up to specs with the system requirements on our download page.

If you are very sure you meet the requirements, please update your video card drivers, and make sure you have the latest DirectX.

If that fails:
  1. Open up netmeeting. (C:\Program Files\NetMeeting\conf.exe)
  2. In the 'Tools' bar, go to 'Remote Desktop Sharing' and start the wizard; follow it until it gets to finished.
  3. Go back to 'Tools' > 'Remote Desktop Sharing' and uncheck it, so it's disabled.
  4. Run Setup.exe for Ragnarok and your video card drivers will be there.
The reason for this is that netmeeting 'reserves' the directdraw function once desktop sharing is enabled. Disabling it will give it back to whoever needs it.

Happy downloading! If you have issues with installing please use the search function in forums to find help. If that still leaves your question unanswered, please make a post in the Questions and Answer forum.