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Sun, Feb. 19, 2012
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Although playing Lightside/Legend Ragnarok Online is free, there are costs associated with running it and in order to function, LLRO depends on the donations of its players. We use the money we obtain through donations to maintain and update the server.

We value our donors, and because of this we give donors certain benefits. Every American dollar donated translates in to one donor point. Donor points can be cashed in to get items in-game. Donors are also added to the donors member group, which entitles them access to the donors only forum where they have a voice in the use of donor-provided funds on the server. Donors of over $500 are allowed to apply for advertising on our website and forums as well.

Donor points can be cashed in at the southwest building in Prontera Square (marked in blue). Here's a list of items that can be obtained using donor points:

Gift Boxes

  1. 2 DP: Old Blue Box
  2. 5 DP: Old Purple Box
  3. 10 DP: Old Card Album
  4. 25 DP: Prize Bag


  1. 10 DP: Bloody Branch


  1. 10 DP: Kawaii Ribbon [1]
  2. 15 DP: Kabuki Mask [1]
  3. 20 DP: Phoenix Crown [1]
  4. 25 DP: Emperor's Laurels
  5. 25 DP: Note Headphones [1]
  6. 30 DP: Angeling Hat
  7. 35 DP: Cyclops Eye
  8. 40 DP: Magic Eyes hat
  9. 40 DP: Flying Angel Wings
  10. 45 DP: Rideword Hat [1]
  11. 50 DP: Crescent Helm
  12. 75 DP: Alice Doll [1]
  13. 120 DP: Legendary Helm

Pet Eggs

  1. 50 DP: Succubus Egg
  2. 50 DP: Incubus Egg


  1. 1 DP: +10 S tats Foods (5 pack)
  2. 1 DP: Kafra Card - Opens storage anywhere (10 pack)
  3. 1 DP: Dungeon Teleport Scroll - Adds extra locations to warpmaster (20 pack)
  4. 1 DP: Giant Fly Wing - Teleports entire party if used by party leader (30 pack)
  5. 1 DP: Enriched Elunium - increases armor refine success, must be used at NPC Suhnbi in Payon.
  6. 1 DP: Enriched Oridecon - increases weapon refine success, must be used at NPC Suhnbi in Payon.

We accept donations using paypal through our online donation form. Please be warned, however, that donating does not grant anyone exception to our rules.